Pointe Shoe Fitting Services

About our Pointe Shoe Fitting

Selecting a Pointe Shoe is one of the most important parts of dance. Here at Ballera, we go above and beyond what you would expect. When sizing a shoe there are many factors to consider. If the shoe fits, that doesn’t mean wear it!! You need to consider how your foot moves inside the shoe as well as how it sits. Our staff is very experienced. Come visit our store and let us help you find the shoe that fits.

The Box

When we talk about the box, we’re referring to the hard enclosure at the front part of the shoe that encases and supports the dancers feet. The front part of the box is flattened, forming a platform and enables the dancer to balance. Satin covers the exterior of the box (as well as the whole pointe shoe) for an aesthetically pleasing look. However, some dancers take the satin that covers the platform off, to make the shoe less slippery.

The Shank

The shank is a rigid piece of material that is placed on the inside of the shoe and supports the arch of the foot.

    Pointe Shoe Fitting Services

    Pre-Pointe Shoe Fitting

    Pre-pointe (or Demi pointe or Exam shoe) fitting. This is usually requested by your studio!

    30 Minutes

    First Time Pointe Fitting

    This fitting is for a dancer receiving her first pair of pointe shoes!

    1 Hour

    Current Pair Replacement Pointe Shoe Fitting

    This is for dancers who want their exact same shoe, with potential adjustments to length, width, shank or accessories.

    30 Minutes

    Replacement Pointe fitting

    (New to Ballera/Changes)

    This fitting is for dancers who are being fit at Ballera for the first time or already have pointe shoes and need a new pair but are looking to change up the style.

    1 Hour

    Hold Shelf Try On

    This fitting is for dancers who do not need a one-on-one fitting with a fitter. This dancer has either called to put a specific pair of shoes on hold, or has special ordered shoes that she just needs to try on. No appointment needed.

    15 Minutes

    Pointe Shoe Fitting Appointments

    Please call us at (262) 786-8868 to schedule a fitting today.

    • Appointments are only offered at our retail store, and are scheduled at least one hour before store closing.
    • Large Group fittings may be scheduled on Sundays by appointment only.
    • Please bring your old pointe shoes and your current toe pads. Wearing a pair of tights is also helpful.
    •  Make sure your toenails are trimmed, but try not to cut them the day of the fitting, as this can cause sensitivity and will affect your perception of fit.
    • Please allow about an hour minimum for your fitting, although you may be done sooner if you are experienced, are coming for a quick replacement, or know exactly what you want to try.
    • Please show your pointe shoes to your teacher for approval before sewing on ribbon and elastics.
    • Shoes may not be returned once they have been sewn.

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