Ballera In The Community

About the Darby’s Dancers Program

Ballera recently donated dance shoes for dancers at the new Darby’s Dancers Program.

The program will be provided completely free –  including dance classes, dance attire/shoes, and dance recital costumes – to the dancer’s family.

The cost of this program will be funded by the studio along and support from local businesses and individual/family partners throughout the community.

Ballera in Brookfield has made a generous offer, Moody said, noting that owner Debbie Turelli is donating dance shoes for the pilot program free of charge.

The older dancers at the center are already volunteering to be coaches during the pilot program.

“I came to Saturday’s to watch my niece at the recital. I was impressed with the dance and performers, however, the one that touched me the most was the beautiful performance with the dancers with special needs and their partners. As I sat there holding my infant son who has Down Syndrome, I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for programs like this exist for him. I can only hope that he is able to participate in something as positive as you have set up for these dancers and Their families. Everyone on the stage during this dance was glowing and I guarantee it meant more to these families than you will ever know. Thank you for this uplifting experience.”


– Darby’s Dancer Customer


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